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Just another Faucet in a Box.

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  1. Insert your bitcoin address into the window (Your address:)
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  3. You need to pass an anti bot, and click (Get reward!)

Your earnings go directly to the account of the payment system ( and depends on the income from advertising on our website.

Convincing request, disable all ad blockers. Banners placed on our faucet provide an opportunity to learn about new projects for earning money on the Internet. The amount of distribution directly depends on the number of ads you watched.

The referral link is just below the button (Get reward!) Under the banner, the name (Reflink:)

At the moment, we have 15% referral. In the future, we plan to expand the referral program, by attracting new users.

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How to install, and earn on Bitcoin Faucet.

Faucet exist because of the advertisement placed on their pages.

To create a Faucet is very simple, you need to have a hosting and a domain for this.

The most important thing is not to choose cheap, or even best to ask the hoster,

do they withstand the load on the server from Faucet? And so, the next step is to register

on the micro payment service, for example (

I warn you! Immediately after registration, enable 2-factor authentication.

Because after you transfer funds to the wallet, scammers will start hunting,

they do not sleep unfortunately they exist! There are several ways to put on a Faucet hosting.

First, This is a download script directly to (

all services are provided by the Faucet script. The second one is simpler,

you install WordPress on the hosting, and there is a plug-in on WordPress (Bitcoin Faucet)

One minus of this plug-in, Faucet is a developer's ad, and you can not disable it.

But if you want to seriously engage in Faucet, then you initially need a unique design,

and content, because all the serious advertising services do not accept sites on a simple Faucet script.

It remains to take API keys on the service of micropayments, on and

they need to be inserted into the admin panel, and set up the issuance.

Promotion is also very simple, to apply for placing your Faucet in the Faucet List for example similar lot. Next, the most interesting, at first glance,

everything is very simple, downloaded the script, installed, rolled up ads, and profits flowed) Yes,

there are resources such as Advertise with Anonymous Ads

and many similar, but they do not earn much. To have a profit with Faucet you need to go through the line

(Alexa Traffic Rank) at least up to 200,000 and it's a lot of time, and a lot of money.

So, what do you think before you start, will you have enough money for this project?

In Bitcoin this is approximately 0.30000000, 0.60000000